Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Our new assistant : SARAH WALKER!

Well it’s time for you to be introduced to another language assistant!
My full name is Sarah Gemma Dawn Walker. I’m twenty years old and I come from the wonderful city of Nottingham in England. I have wavy brown hair, green eyes, fair skin and I’m average height.
Nottingham is a nice size, it has everything you need. There are about 279,000 habitants. It is roughly a two and a half mile car journey north of London. There is a lot to do in Nottingham, such as ice skating, bowling, cinema. It is very good for shopping and nightlife. It also has a big sporting scene as we are host to Trent Bridge cricket ground (a major venue for international matches), Holme Pierpoint National watersports centre, two football teams (Nottingham forest and Notts County), the National Ice Centre (which is home to our ice hockey team- ‘The Panthers’) and we have a large tennis centre. Nottingham is famous for it’s caves underground, the castle and for the myth of Robin Hood. There are is plenty of countryside not far from the city of centre as Nottinghamshire as a county, is very big. You can visit Sherwood Forest in the north of Nottinghamshire which is where Robin Hood is said to have lived.
I go to Aston University in Birmingham which is known as the second capital in Britain because it is the second biggest city. It is a very cosmopolitan, vibrant and multicultural city. I prefer Nottingham because it is more charming than Birmingham. At Uni I study straight French. Currently I am in my third year, so this is my placement year abroad. I chose to be an assistant because I like working with children and might become a teacher one day so it is a very valuable experience.
In my family, there are 6 of us. Mum, Dad, my two brothers and my sister. They are called Tom, Daniel and Isabel. Tom is 18, Dan is 15 and Isabel is 9, so I am the oldest. We have a dog called Honey and two rabbits called Freddy and Fluffy.
In my freetime I go out with my friends a lot, watch fims, go shopping and I enjoy eating! My favourite type of food is probably Mediterranean. My favourite types of films are “chick flicks” like Bridget Jones, The Holiday, Love actually, Dirty dancing etc. I love art and being creative. I love going to all sorts of new places and experiencing new cultures. One of my biggest dreams is to travel the world.
I am very fond of Paris and all it has to offer. My favourite places I’ve visted so far are Jardins de Luxembourg and The Pompidou centre. By the end of this year I hope to be fluent in French, know the French culture better and to have helped the improvement of your English.

Monday, April 09, 2007


I have come to the end of my sojourn here in Paris, France and it is with deepest regret that I’ll have to return to my homeland (YESSSSSSS!) and leave the many acquaintances that I have made. But before the tears fall let me say a big thank you primarily to your teacher Mrs. L├ętant, a true gem, to the clerical staff of Claude Chappe and to the teachers those of whom took the time to relieve me of the nostalgia and entertain me with the pleasantries of what become my home away from home. This experience is inextricably linked to the students that I have placed in front of during my stay. By and large, I found you all really receptive, both to myself and the language. As such it was a pleasure having lessons with you.

The seven-month period here was a time where I was trying to put things into perspective not only concerning my dreams and future endeavours but also in terms of awareness of the culture of the French language. Returning to my homeland will mark a new period in my life in that I will become part of my county’s working population. In the same breath, the experience garnered here has been nothing short of magical except the CARTE DE SEJOUR (that I just received) and the SECURITE SOCIAL(forget it !!!!). The food, the architecture, the museums and all…..it is just to die for and wish to come back some day.

Au boulot….October 1, 2k6

Tablier rendu…April 30, 2k7

Sunday, March 18, 2007


Here is Shaun's pic ! Not only can you discover our great Jamaican assistant at last but you can also listen to what he thinks about his stay in paris . There is also a second interview about his native language.

Don't miss these two nterviews and enjoy!

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Shaun's interview2...